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Hot From the Oven....9th September 2017

Lise Spence-Parsons

Hi All, 
Another busy week, sorting beads and looking what can be made into something beautiful. The kitties are two years old this week, and have entered the "terrible twos" as they jump and leap all over the house until they collapse in a sleepy heap! They  have a fascination with anything I'm doing and have the impression that they can bead, paint and work on computer admin!  I wish, I'd hire them! 

Don't forget the Clearance section, last few items remaining.   See you all next week.

Anyway, here are some new items

Lagoon! Bracelet
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Hot From the Oven....17th January 2015

Lise Spence-Parsons

Well, here we are, getting into the swing of 2015.   I spent a ton of time going through all my inventory, both made items and fresh finger-itching new beads waiting thier turn and all calling my name!

 Did you check out the Lottie Special section yet? There is a fun necklace in there waiting for a new home!

Thanks for stopping by the 10 4 10 promo, it was a blast and I think quite a few of you nabbed some very cool bargains.  So, if they were for you, yayyyy.... if they are for future gifts, still yayyyy but not quite so loud.  But, never mind, you can go shopping amongst the new beads now! Do you dare venture?  here are some new items! 

Hot From the Oven....1st November 2014

Lise Spence-Parsons

Well, here we come winter!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the parties will soon be ramping up......... so you need to get some glitz on girls! 

As, this hits your in-box, I'm just getting home from what I hope was a good Eden Prairie Art Fest..... It was nice to see you if you made it, but if not there are still two events, both in Anoka, see my events page.

Here are some new items for you to take a look at!

Hot From the Oven Today....21st June 2014

Lise Spence-Parsons

So it MidSummer and it's still more than a little damp out there.... mmmmm .... hope it changes soon, taking a swim to my grill is not what I had in mind for this summer's entertainment!

Here is a fun video showcasing a selection of currently available globally inspired design.

Hot From the Oven Today....7th December 2013

Lise Spence-Parsons

Boy was that a snowstorm or what?  I believe we got close to 10" in Maple Grove, sure felt like shoveling that driveway, so glad it remained warmer until the next day, so shoveling was not quite so bad! 

Here is a link to video I just it and send the names of the four songs used to me  and then I will send you the code you will need to get your prize! 

Here are this week's newbies!

Hot From the Oven Today....30th November 2013

Lise Spence-Parsons

Hope you all had a wonderful start to The Holiday Season.  Time goes so fast these days and it appears that a whole week has slipped away without my fingers working the beads this week!    I will get back on the case this next coming week.

For those of you with November Birthday Club coupons you have a few hours left to use these before they expire at 11.59pm cst.... and the December ones will be issued at this point too.... automatically I might add, whilst I sleep! - I'm good but not that good! 

Thanks to those that came and saw me in Anoka last weekend - it was a fun day with old and new faces... 

Don't forget to check out the Holiday Sale page on the site - there are still some great bargains to be has and coupons will work on those items too!


Hot From the Oven Today.....16th November 2013

Lise Spence-Parsons

Today I'm busy preparing for my sister Bella's arrival to our home for the next few days... we are all excited that she is coming and we have a few exciting events lined up.

I also made a video last week, "Travels with Lottie", in which I tried to showcase a few of my available designs with a traveling the globe theme - enjoy.


A selection of globally inspired design jewelry

And to resume more current affairs, here are items hot of this week's design bench!

Hot From the Oven Today....26th October 2013

Lise Spence-Parsons

Who switched the light switch?  One minute I'm warm and toasty the next shivering and running for the heating dial......... This morning, Monday 21st,  took the biscuit though.....rubbed my eyes and yes it's snowing.......  

Well, I have beads, wire and fingers, so looks like it's going to be another productive winter here in Maple Grove.  

I made another video too this week - Lottie Chic in the City.... take a look, just click on the Apple!  


Enough chatting - here are this week's newbies!