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Hot From the Oven.... 9th April 2016

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Hot From the Oven.... 9th April 2016

Lise Spence-Parsons

Well here's to hoping that spring finally kicks in on Wednesday in The Twin Cities, it's pretty cold out there today and yesterday's snow was "interesting"!

I've been busy trying to work out best settings on my new camera to make good quality images for the site.  Jewelry is not an easy photography subject, so quite a bit of trial and error going on here.  Managed to dig out my tripod, so that is helping and then waiting for just the right amount of natural light to creep into my photo booth.  Slow but sure! 

Here is a pair of earrings that finally made it off the work bench, into the photography booth and now onto the web.  They are very pretty and I tried to match the mother of pearl drops as best I could!

Ok, so food and some R&R and then tomorrow back at the camera!

See you next week - Lise