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Host An Online Party!

Host An Online Party with Lottie and Earn Yourself Free Designer Jewelry

So I guess you are a handmade jewelry lover as you are already hanging out in my world.  I also suspect that you have many friends who also love beautiful a marriage made in heaven!

So how do you earn yourself free Lottie jewelry?  It's actually pretty easy!  Just a few very simple steps


  • Contact me and tell me that you are interested in hosting an online party and give me your preferred dates.

  • I will make up a Facebook event page and then you can invite who you want to the "party".  We can play some games on the page to encourage participation.

  • I will include a link to my LT Club and encourage them to join prior to purchase so that they can use their $10 signup bonus on this purchase.  Don't worry it's not deducted from your commission.

  • Your guests should shop in the normal way from this website.  I will mail out their choices to their homes as requested at the end of the party period.

  • At the end of the party, I will add up your sales and then give you 15% of the total in the form of a gift card that you can spend like cash on my site.  This is not redeemable for cash.

So pretty easy huh?  So think who you know who might be interested in buying some beautiful handmade jewelry and earn yourself a free treat! 

Gift Card For You!

Gift Card For You!