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How Are Czech Glass Beads Made?

Lise Spence-Parsons

Czech glass is the best glass in the world today. Beads are precision made mainly in smaller factories using time tested methods passed down the generations. Albeit it's mechanized these days, but you can still see the love and care taken in the production of Czech glass beads.

Here is a series of video that you can watch how these beads are made:

This is the first in a series of videos showing how Czech glass is made in the northern mountains of the Czech Republic. Most of the glass beads manufacturing is done in the city of Jablonec nad Nisou, as well as in many of the surrounding towns and villages in this Bohemian region bordering the Jizera mountains.
This video from The Potomac Bead Company was shot during one of our recent visits to factories in the Czech Republic. Tumbling is the second stage of the Czech glass bead making process, During two stages, this both separates the beads from the scrap glass after the pressing process, then polishes, grinds, and shines the beads to a beautiful finish!
This video from The Potomac Bead Company shows the third factory step in the Czech glass bead making process. In this video, you will see how smooth beads are faceted on several different types of machines. Our Website: Buy Online:
This video from The Potomac Bead Company shows the fourth major step in the Czech bead making process, which is fire polishing the faceted glass beads of all types. This fire polishing gives the beads the shiny polish for which they are known! Our Website: Buy Online:
This video from The Potomac Bead Company demonstrates the final technique in the Czech glass bead making process. After beads have been pressed, tumbled, faceted, and fire polished, sometimes they are also coated with different coatings to create unique colors. This video shows that process!

I hope you found that interesting, it made me look at glass in a whole new way!

Here are a few items that I designed using Czech glass.